[vcf-midatlantic] Osborne Vixen obtained!

Lou despairempire at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 06:50:30 EDT 2018

One of the big things which I have been eagerly waiting to share about I
finally can. As of yesterday I am officially an owner of an Osborne OCC4
"Vixen". The previous owner and I have been in talks about the purchase for
awhile now and finally having a good day to go out for the 2+ hour drive I
finally have my hands on this awesome piece of hardware. A few things to
also note from this is that it came with a box of disks and what seem to be
the original manuals/documentation for the system, while the system is in
good cosmetic condition there seem to be some cracks at the hinges of the
system which I am currently thinking of ways to repair in a form of lightly
applied epoxy or something more unnoticeable, I do not want to do any
massive changes to the look/feel of the system more so just want to clean
it up and fix any potential weak points. Finally the previous owner
mentioned that some disks might not work which he is not sure is related to
disk rot or maybe the floppy drive heads need cleaning, Because of that I
was thinking on bringing it to the next Workshop for that reason.

Aside from those issues the system is quite immaculate, comes with the
original back panel still and I even obtained an Epson dot matrix printer
that was fitted to work with it. I cannot wait to dive into this system and
I hope that any little bit of help from others who know of the system or
may actually have the system (Such as Mike L. or DJ) could share any tips
for maintaining the system long term and what to watch out for.

Here's hoping a fun start on a unique system.


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