[vcf-midatlantic] NeXT printer emulator/bridge

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Mon Jun 18 20:00:41 EDT 2018

On 6/18/2018 4:39 PM, David Ryskalczyk wrote:
> Here is the service manual for the printer. Unfortunately the schematics 
> are missing from this set. I wouldn’t mind seeing what the Interface 
> Circuit consists of.
> David

I dont' know if David Ryskalczy was asking me to respond, to his finding 
the service manual, but I got an email specifically to me and not just 
to the list, which isn't usual. I did say "read the manual". If he has a 
serious interest in the printer, my apologies if my remarks about 
lack-of-interest were misdirected his way.

I looked at the service manual, which apparently is for the mechanics 
and electronics that manages paper and the laser-written image on the 
drum and so forth. The phrase "print engine" doesn't appear in the 
document, nor the name "Canon" (except once, regarding paper). But I'd 
suggest this manual is the OEM's "print engine" service manual; intended 
for field-service to diagnose and physically repair this printer, by 
adjustments and module-replacements. And not, for electronic-component 
level repairs and therefore no need for schematics. If the OEM 
(presumably Canon) produced this manual, it's not unusual in the era 
that they don't put their name on it, or on the parts.

But what I see in that manual, and in some associated documents on site, 
are consistent to me with the notion that the Next "print engine" is 
like the HP LaserJet II/III "print engine" which is better-known to be a 
Canon SX OEM product or design. That's all I know. If someone affirms 
the Canon/NeXT association further than my evidence, I'd not mind knowing.

As to the question of some thing, that could operate some laser printer 
with the signals from the NeXT computer "laser printer" port? I don't 
know about that. I'm damn skeptical but I can't prove a negative, and if 
someone makes such a widget, it's a great hack from my view. Good luck.


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