[vcf-midatlantic] Good news / please read, Re: museum network rack

Jim Scheef js at sdf.org
Fri Jun 29 22:24:19 EDT 2018

Not sure of the status of this project... I've worked with these guys 
http://www.refurbups.com/ for both rebuilt units and new batteries. 
They're located just off the NY Thruway west of the Tappan Zee, so you 
might be able to save the cost of shipping if someone can pick up the UPS 
and drive it down to IA. 
My opinions carry less weight than Herb's so this is my $9.95 worth. :-)

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>> The good news about buying a new unit, is new batteries. Any donated unit 
>> would have old or no batteries, you'd have to buy new ones for use. 
>> Typically gel-cell batteries are tens of dollars each plus tens of dollars 
>> shipping,
> My APC 1500va 2u unit, I just buy new batteries at $20/ea, 4 total. Used 
> units are everywhere and near free. One popped last year and off-gassed so I 
> just unplugged the battery sled and haven't bothered replacing them yet. I 
> got the unit cheap somewhere.
> A set of batteries lasts 4 years I'd guess.
> I used to have a 36kva unit. The batteries would have cost $6000 to replace 
> when it hit the end of the line. That system was impressive but a beast. 300 
> amps, 3 phase 208 out.

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