[vcf-midatlantic] Looking for weight of vintage computers for Science Fair Project

Connor S basicprogrammer10 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 14:36:58 EDT 2018

Thank you so much for this perspective.  Quite helpful when comparing
across computers and systems.  Connor S. was looking to understand the
'portability' weight if you were to move a computer / monitor / disk drive
/ etc. to use one of these.

Today we carried (aka lugged) the Macintosh SE, Altair 8800 (clone), iBook
& MacBook Air to the school science fair.  I would have to say the
Macintosh SE with disk drive, keyboard, mouse & power cables isn't as
'portable' as I had hoped.  Glad Connor S. found a vintage case for it, but
wish the design had included wheels for the long walk down the hallways and
across the gym! :)

Jen & Connor S.

On Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 9:35 PM, Neil Cherry <ncherry at linuxha.com> wrote:

> On 03/16/2018 08:54 PM, Connor S via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
>> Thank you to all who have helped with Connor's science fair project
>> comparing 13 micro-computers!  We've been learning so much and greatly
>> appreciate the help testing and interpreting data so far.  Connor S. has
>> put together some graphs on time to boot, factorial calculations & time to
>> count to 1,000,000.  He also made a comparison table based on information
>> we could find on each computer.  We've had difficulty locating the weight
>> of some computers on-line.
>> If anyone can help, we are still looking for the approx. weight of the
>> following computers.  (Weight should include computer, disk drives &
>> monitor, if possible)
> 32 ounces of water roughly weighs 4 lbs (weight of my water bottle).
> Not sure of the monitor but should weight the same for the C64, Vic20,
> 800xl
> and CoCo. Here's the following (roughly, no scale):
> Wide Screen laptop weights 8 to 10 lbs (with power)
> - Atari 800 XL
> 7 lbs with power supply (power supplies varied)
> 7 lbs with disk drive and power supply (each)
> - TRS CoCo 3
> 4 lbs with power
> 6 -8 lbs (some drive have heavy power supplies (each)
> The drives get a bit complicated. Some 5 1/4 full height drives were
> heavy. The half height 5 1/4 were lighter. 3 1/2 even lighter. 8"
> drives are ridiculously heavy. OS9 (NitrOS9 can use all the above).
> 8" drive were less likely in hobbyist circles so were 3 1/2.
> -Tandy model 1024-5 lbs with wall wart, disk drive (yes it had one) and
>> batteries
> I'm sure others can fine tune this
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