[vcf-midatlantic] Artifact handling and becoming better caretakers

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>    But as long as we're being over-the-top paranoid, the original comment
> (which was actually more of an "edict", one that I was far from alone in
> finding offensive) came from someone who has attacked one of this very
> group's earliest members in an open forum, a respected man who happens
> to be of Indian descent, telling him that he should "probably leave" the
> country because he belongs to a different political party.
>   I suppose a Wang joke really tops that, huh?
>   We really need to get a little perspective around here, guys.  I would
> say "this could really get out of hand", but it already has.
>              -Dave
​yes, I witnessed this double-standard as well, not cool.
BoD members should exemplify the organization both inside the group as well
as outside the group[ ie.public]
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/ \__/   Scotty, We Need More Power !!
\_/ _\__ Aye, Cap'n, but we've only got 80 columns !!

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