[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report Saturday 3/24

Tony Bogan thebogans at mac.com
Sat Mar 24 21:04:38 EDT 2018

Headed up to the museum around 11 today to get some work done on the warehouse apple computers and help Bill D #3 with the Univac. (He does the fixin, I do the liftin)

Bill made the ride out to be docent today. 

Ended up being there till just before closing. Bill got the cooling fan that was not working in the CPU replaced and the new one running. He also did some work on the tape punch/reader and teletype. As I've said before, so cool to see this machine coming alive!!

Light day for visitors. When not moving the heavy stuff there wasn't much else I could do on the Univac (except watch and learn, which is definitely more enjoyable than lifting stuff!) so I ended up taking the visitors while Bill got work done on the computer.

Two families came through. The first was a husband and wife with their young son. We set the son up playing solitaire on the IBM PC while I brought the couple through the museum. Bill had the teletype print the boys name out and gave him the printout. The parents were very interested and asked lots of questions. Fortunately I was able to answer a lot of them!

Later in the day a grandmother with her two grandsons came through. The younger boy was more interested in everything but computers, but the older grandson (12 years old) would have made Ian proud!!

Not only is he into vintage computers (which currently for him starts with mid to late 90s PCs & Macs so far) but he is an avid collector of CRTs. When he and I got talking about their use for vintage gaming and computers and he told me about when he was degaussing a tv and about the Sony trinitron he picked up for a song and a dance at a thrift shop, I knew I had met Ian's kindred spirit!! He also graciously offered to give us a crt if we ever needed one for the museum as he currently is up to 15 working ones!

Only a few but a few quality visitors today.


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