[vcf-midatlantic] OT -- URGENT -- Thunderbird help needed

Dave Wade dave.g4ugm at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 16:38:35 EDT 2018


 The Thunderbird message files are usually one file per folder. So if the profile you have copied are there some files with the names of the folders you are missing.
 There are usually some MSF files in the same folder that contain settings, but the mail is in the files with no extensions. Check their content with Notepad++.

Can you  find the missing folder files in your backup? Do they have the missing content?


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> > Not a total solution, just a shot in the dark. Is your Thunderbird
> > configured to delete mail from your E-Mail provider on each update?
> Yes.
> > perhaps your provider still has them stored, but Thunderbird sees them
> > as "old" and won't download them again.
> No, the problem is some kind of corruption and/or syncing locally between
> the profile and the application.
> I don't * think * the messages are actually gone, because I copied the whole
> profile -- I've done that before and it was never a problem.
> if they are truly gone then it's a major disaster for me. 10+ years and
> thousands of messages. Obviously most of them are probably just
> background noise, but some of them are vital to my life.

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