[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report today

Tony Bogan thebogans at mac.com
Wed Mar 28 19:46:17 EDT 2018

Left work early so I could finally pant that section of wall in the museum white to match the rest of the walls in the museum (where I had removed and closed off the old door last year)

Stopped at the front desk and let them know I'd be in the museum for a couple hours before I had to go back to work in case anyone stopped by.

Well, ended up not getting any painting done as I had half a dozen visitors come through between 1:30 and 3:30 (the only time I had to paint!)

The first visitors were a husband and wife that were very interested. They are both programmers and they started their careers on punch card systems. They took the full tour and asked lots of questions. They were also very interested in VCF East coming up.

The next two visitors were individuals that came one after the other spaced about a half hour apart. Both gentlemen asked lots of questions. They were mostly interested in the micros since those were the machines they get up using (one had a trs 80, the other an apple II)

The past couple were a mother and teenage son. Their interest level was extremely high, and the mother used to work for xerox from the late 80s through the early 2000s.

They stayed long after the tour asking lots of questions. I showed them the videos I have of Bill Dromgoole working in the Univac and then ended up telling them everything bill has taught me about its use and inner workings. They too showed interest in VCF East.

So the wall is still the same color as it was before the day started!

I was disappointed at first that I could not get the work done (Wednesdays are usually dead) but in the end it was a great day with some of the most engaged people I've had while at the museum. 


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