[vcf-midatlantic] Ascii keyboard and Televideo Personal Terminal

Jeff G jeffg at junknet.net
Tue May 1 17:31:39 EDT 2018

First question - does anyone have a 7-bit ascii keyboard I could borrow or
potentially buy?

Second question - Does anyone have extra parts and/or a manual to a
Televideo Personal Terminal? Not even sure of the model of this as I can't
find much documentation, but do see a few Youtube vids on it. Its a pretty
small terminal. This one is badly yellowed, missing the spacebar, and I
think it has some corrupt nvram (from just sitting) but I have no idea how
to clear or fix it.

On the "personal terminal" front, I also have an old At&t "Personal
Terminal" that has a mushy touch screen on it (literally). I used to have a
keyboard for this and got rid of it years ago like an idiot. Would anyone
have such a keyboard for one laying around? The connector on it would be
similar to the one that goes into the IBM model M, sort of a flat wide
connector. The keyboard is fairly short/small and came with a "garage",
sort of a shallow stand that the entire thing would sit on and provide a
space to slide in the keyboard. Wish I could find one again.


Jeff aka Bags

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