[vcf-midatlantic] forwarding a posting: TDL Apple monitor now online

Jeffrey Jonas jeffrey.scott.jonas at gmail.com
Wed May 9 02:18:34 EDT 2018

from comp.os.cpm
Subject: Re: Technical Design Labs / Xitan Software and Hardware
From: Udo Munk <udo.munk at freenet.de>

I've typed in the TDL Apple monitor predating Zapple from the manual
in Intel syntax, so that it assembles with Intel MACRO 80
or the DRI 8080 assemblers.

Manual and sources are here:

The monitor assumes the monitor ROM at F000-F7FF followed by RAM @ F800.
z80pack 1.37-dev @ github includes the memory configuration
for that as compile-time option in sim.h.

Very good system monitor for 8080 systems, have fun with it,

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