[vcf-midatlantic] talk at VCF-East on audio cassettes for data; stuff

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Fri May 11 14:38:34 EDT 2018

> http://www.retrotechnology.com/restore/cass_data.html

Thanks for Kyle's discussion of yet another audio cartridge format in 
use for data storage; and for remarks by Michael Thompson and Matt 
Patoray. I've added that content today to the cassette-data Web page. 
Maybe in the future, I'll move it to my PDP-8 Web pages. In the 1960's 
and 70's, PDP-8's were the "embedded controller" of that period. Just 
needed a bigger bed.

The 8's also used Phillips-type cassettes recorded in a digital format 
and driven by logic-controlled drives. DEC had such a product, and I 
know of another product used on PDP-8's to operate commercial sewing 
machines. The Phi-Deck digital cassette product was available on some 
microcomputers of the mid-1970's including the Digital Group; a similar 
product was part of the MCM/80 8008 computer of the early 1970's. 
Details linked from my Web page above.

Richard Cini, my old friend and S-100 colleague, and I are talking about 
the cassette-decoding software he mentioned in his post. I'll update my 
Web page accordingly.

I recall some hobby efforts to use 8-tracks on microcomputers, but 
(ka-THUNK) they weren't all that convenient, and many 8-track drives 
were "read only".

Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey in the USA
http://www.retrotechnology.com OR .net

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