A BIIIIG Thank You to Participants and Event Staff of "East XIII"

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Sun May 20 15:56:45 EDT 2018

This is a "Thank You" eCard (of sorts) to thank all who setup and supported East XIII.


Jeff Brace:       Who always (my opinion) stays in the shadows out of the limelight, does amazing work, and does not seem to get the credit he deserves.
                  THANK YOU Jeff for all your efforts and time donated.

Evan Koblentz:    THANK YOU also goes out for all your efforts and time.  East would not go off without a hitch without your constant attending to detail.
                  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
                  NOTE:  Top  billing for these two was handled by alphabetical order of last name, however they are interchangeable in their importance to 
                         the organization.

Corey Cohen:   For all your efforts and managing the finances of this shindig!

Doug Crawford: For jumping in the last minute to save the 6502 lecture. Thank You!

Tony Bogan:    For helping me and the rest of the setup crew in handling chairs, tables and the stage.   "The Expandable Apple" was a hit!
               Please thank Coop for his help! 

Dean & Drew Notarnicola:  For Dean's talk on collections, and for both helping out as docents in the museum.
                          Thank you and others in the museum on Saturday for allowing me to blabber on about the analog side of things, to our guests.
                          Hopefully, I did not bore anybody.  Amateur docenting can be fun!

Jeff Jonas and Laura: For handling the history recordists' chores.

Bill Dromgoole: For his great talk on the 1219 UNIVAC.  AND OF COURSE Duane Craps, who in conjunction with Bill, worked tirelessly to get this beast running! YAY!

Jeff Salzman: For picking up the reins and starting the new VCF project with MOBIDIC.  Your lecture was very informative.

Cynde Moya:  For the talk on software preservation.  Very enlightening.  

InfoAge / Fred Carl:      For hosting us for our event, and allowing us to break the quiet solace of the campus.

Roddy Wildeman:          (across the hall) who IS / was immense help with woodworking tools and chores.

Bill Degnan, Herb Johnson, Dave Riley,   The list goes on:   Thank you all for all your efforts.   If  I have forgotten anyone that I talked to at the show, my apolgies.

AND lastly to the cleanup crew (which will most likely be the usual suspects) for the thankless job of cleaning up the chairs, tables, etc., and the
mess we left.  THANK YOU!  I wish I could be there to help again with the back end, however, family duties do not permit.  I will be there in spirit!

Thank you all!

Bill Inderrieden

In the words of Dizzy Gillespie, Muppets Classic Show:  "It was delicious!"

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