[vcf-midatlantic] Vol 31, Issue 20 A BIIIIG Thank You to Participants and Event Staff of "East XIII"

Neil Cherry ncherry at linuxha.com
Mon May 21 20:27:10 EDT 2018

This is the first VCF I could attend for more than my presentation (a
few years ago). I was volunteering with IXR and I did get to wonder for
a few minutes on Saturday (totally missed Friday - Rats). I barely made it
past Hall 1 to visit Hall 2.  Got to talk to a lot of interesting folks.
Spent a lot of time with Jeremie and Thierry (European computers). I also
talked to Ralph Dodd (Modified Atari 800xl - Ralph, you were correct it
was the POKEY). In Hall 2 I had to make it quick as I had left Dan to
the Learning to solder alone and I was supposed to be helping. So it
was 1802, Slide Rules, APX (Atari Program eXchange), the Atari ST. I never
made it to the Consignment area or the Apollo exhibit (dang).

Glitch, how many kits did you have left at the end of Saturday?

Saw Herb and Bob in the vendor area spent some time there before
things got started.

And I wonder if there was any 6809 stuff in the consignment area.

Did anyone see an Tandy CoCos at VCF or any other 6809 exhibits?

Bob had his SWTPC stuff in the vendor area. Bob I'll send you a
separate order for the SWTPC stuff.

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