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interesting note, Bill. A short story. I worked for a company in the nineties where we had both novell and VMS with DOS machines on the desktop. Our original implementation was we had DECNET (mostly LAT) installed on the PC along with Novell IPX. This of course consumed a lot of the precious little resources on a PC. Eventually we switched to only TCP/IP on the PC which then allowed connected to both Novell and VMS.

Fun times

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To my knowledge no one has done an exhibit about Novell / Netware
networking at least directly.  I envision a simple file sharing network
installed on some MS DOS 5-era machines, a simple email system, security
features, etc to illustrate the product.

As with VMS, Novell declined in usage when TCP/IP became dominant.  Not a
lot of people know that Novell helped commercialize SUSE Linux.

There is a good story here, someone with experience with Novell should take
it up.


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