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Anthony Becker mayhemmby at gmail.com
Wed May 23 13:53:54 EDT 2018

i also worked in the 90s in a company where we had mixed Netware and NT
servers. Netware for file and print as well as the connection between our
AS/400 and the printers. NT for database and application servers.

Then we went full windows and the fun began. "I deleted a file, can you
recover it?" Um, no. Not anymore. Haha. Not until they added the functions
into later versions with shadow copy and all that stuff. Was a lean few
years there. Also funny where we had a TON of printing issues with our
facilities with NT print servers and no issues with those with Netware
printing from Citrix. Boiled down to windows trying to render the job three
times as it passed through three windows spoilers and Netware was happy
just to pass the job along without molesting it. That one extra windows
queue was all it took on a slow WAN connection to break the job. Had to
turn off the spooler on the clients, kind of defeating the purpose of
having one.

Oh fun times. But illustrative that it was less that Netware didnt play
well with TCP/IP since it did just fine. It was more I think due to sheer
might of Microsoft and the 'I can get everything from one vendor and make
one call if things break' mindset along with the archaic looking interface
for things like the file recovery consoles in Netware where, we'll on
Windows NT at the time, you simply didn't have any. But also it all was GUI
and you felt anyone could easily administer the servers even if your IT
person quit.

Of course those old text based consoles also made it very easy to remotely
administer which was why they could get away with 1 IT person for 7 offices
at the time. Once we went to all NT, we needed 5 people.

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> Interesting idea... The first networking I ever did was with Novell.
> -J
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> > To my knowledge no one has done an exhibit about Novell / Netware
> > networking at least directly.  I envision a simple file sharing network
> > installed on some MS DOS 5-era machines, a simple email system, security
> > features, etc to illustrate the product.
> >
> > As with VMS, Novell declined in usage when TCP/IP became dominant.  Not a
> > lot of people know that Novell helped commercialize SUSE Linux.
> >
> > There is a good story here, someone with experience with Novell should
> take
> > it up.
> >
> > Bill
> >
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