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That sounds slot like my old environment at Simon & Schuster. We had a VAX
running Pathworks, alongside a Netware 3.12 server and TCP/IP, IPX/SPX and
SMB  on the WfW 3.11 clients.

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> interesting note, Bill. A short story. I worked for a company in the
> nineties where we had both novell and VMS with DOS machines on the desktop.
> Our original implementation was we had DECNET (mostly LAT) installed on the
> PC along with Novell IPX. This of course consumed a lot of the precious
> little resources on a PC. Eventually we switched to only TCP/IP on the PC
> which then allowed connected to both Novell and VMS.
> Fun times
> Eugene
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> To my knowledge no one has done an exhibit about Novell / Netware
> networking at least directly.  I envision a simple file sharing network
> installed on some MS DOS 5-era machines, a simple email system, security
> features, etc to illustrate the product.
> As with VMS, Novell declined in usage when TCP/IP became dominant.  Not a
> lot of people know that Novell helped commercialize SUSE Linux.
> There is a good story here, someone with experience with Novell should take
> it up.
> Bill

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