[vcf-midatlantic] Vol 31, Issue 20 A BIIIIG Thank You to Participants and Event Staff of "East XIII"

systems_glitch systems.glitch at gmail.com
Thu May 24 08:49:18 EDT 2018

I think there were 7 kits available Sunday morning. Sold all of them. There
are some bare boards left.


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> This is the first VCF I could attend for more than my presentation (a
> few years ago). I was volunteering with IXR and I did get to wonder for
> a few minutes on Saturday (totally missed Friday - Rats). I barely made it
> past Hall 1 to visit Hall 2.  Got to talk to a lot of interesting folks.
> Spent a lot of time with Jeremie and Thierry (European computers). I also
> talked to Ralph Dodd (Modified Atari 800xl - Ralph, you were correct it
> was the POKEY). In Hall 2 I had to make it quick as I had left Dan to
> the Learning to solder alone and I was supposed to be helping. So it
> was 1802, Slide Rules, APX (Atari Program eXchange), the Atari ST. I never
> made it to the Consignment area or the Apollo exhibit (dang).
> Glitch, how many kits did you have left at the end of Saturday?
> Saw Herb and Bob in the vendor area spent some time there before
> things got started.
> And I wonder if there was any 6809 stuff in the consignment area.
> Did anyone see an Tandy CoCos at VCF or any other 6809 exhibits?
> Bob had his SWTPC stuff in the vendor area. Bob I'll send you a
> separate order for the SWTPC stuff.
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