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>> Ethan O'Toole wrote:
>> ArtSoft Lantastic here! Home soldered null modem cable.
>> My first was Lantastic too.  Running on ArcNet.
>> Bill S.
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> I did AT&T network support and I mostly had AT&T Starlan (SMB/ISO)
> but I do recall playing with IBM NetBEUI and having to solder. I think
> it was arcnet based hardware.
Another network protocol I wanted to exhibit someday was IBM's Token Ring.
When I worked there in college I used to set up Token Ring networks for
sales demos, driving up and down the State of Delaware from Wilmington to
Salisbury.  I did more than just Token Ring, everything they were selling
in 1987 that could be fit into the back of a 1980 Toyota Tercel.  Display
Writers, PS/2's, Terminals, etc.  Sometimes larger systems would be at the
location waiting for me, like System 36's.

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