[vcf-midatlantic] Idea for an Exhibit - Novell

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Fri May 25 15:46:16 EDT 2018

 > Another network protocol I wanted to exhibit someday was
 > IBM's Token Ring. - Bill Degnan

A few S-100 companies supported ARCnet. Boards were available from 
Compupro and a few others companies. I've collected a few ARCnet devices 
and S-100 cards. But this stuff is outside my digital EE experience. And 
if I got one of these cards running, what would it talk to?

Other than my showing interest, my point is that there may be interest 
from INexperienced persons who own vintage computers which MIGHT operate 
on these networks, for purposes of an exhibit or a repair workshop. 
Those persons (me) would need some handholding and known-good network 

So a consideration for a VCF-East exhibit, would be to string cabling 
behind several exhibit-tables; rather than one table with these puppies 
sitting next to each other. I think a "grand exhibit" is a lot of work 
and coordination; whereas just connecting adjacent exhibits requires 
less planning. Similar thoughts for any VCF or other-site workshop.

Another consideration, as I mentioned is "whom do I talk to?" That MIGHT 
suggest, construction of some modern device (Arduino or RaspPi based) to 
act as a peer. NOthing fancy, just enough to validate a *real* 
networking device. While some of us have several node-computers to toy 
with, many individuals may only have one computer or one kind or one 
network interface. Of course Arduinos and RAspPis are common.

So I think, if a handful of people say they are prepared to support a 
particularly obscure networking protocol, and are willing to show up a 
few times to help others become "nodes", and they can point to some 
resources like I suggested - some kind of workshops or exhibits could be 
done. A year out from VCF is *reasonable* to gather such interest, as it 
may take time to gather or buy resources and make them work, and then 
make them work *together*.

  I've just provided a strategy - who has the interest and hardware? For 
instance Bill Degnan has found several people are interested and have 
supported by trade, Novell Netware. Even I have a few Lantastic network 
cards for IBM-PC (saved because of the Z180 chip on them). Are they 
ARCnet? I dunno....? But I think Bill Degnan may have a deal, if those 
who responded wanna work together.

Herb "no net" Johnson

Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey in the USA
http://www.retrotechnology.com OR .net

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