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Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Fri May 25 18:39:31 EDT 2018

Itg's unlikely that a modern Ethernet or WiFi device, could perform the 
hardware and software protocols corresponding to even older networking 
standards, including Appletalk. I think such emulators would have to be 
built from the ground up. They are likely painful to build reliably and 
flexibly. Remember my concept - sufficient to "echo", handshake some 
packets - not a full emulation.

That said, I happen to know, AppleTalk did run "over Ethernet", through 
simple devices that physically routed AppleTalk traffic on the Ethernet 
wires. But the Ethernet devices themselves, ignored that "traffic" - 
probably saw it as bad packets, noise, etc. This was done to put Apple 
printers on Ethernet networks - except of course any Ethernet-owning 
device had zero access to Apple printers, and Apple computers had zero 
access to Ethernet devices.

People who buy Appletalk printer to Ethernet devices, thinking they are 
their magic road to "internet their Macs", find out eventually that 
won't happen.

So it may be possible, for a few network protocols to share the same 
cable. But they would not be "interoperative" - that calls for hard 
work. Companies and careers were made, doing such things in the era. We 
poor hobbyists live in the shadows of such giants. The amazing thing, 
would be to get some ancient networking protocol to work AT ALL. I 
suggest humility, and avoid the simple notion "I can plug it in - so it 
will work, or could".


On 5/25/2018 3:54 PM, Ethan O'Toole wrote:
>> Another consideration, as I mentioned is "whom do I talk to?" That 
>> MIGHT suggest, construction of some modern device (Arduino or RaspPi 
>> based) to act as a peer. NOthing fancy, just enough to validate a 
>> *real* networking device. While some of us have several node-computers 
>> to toy with, many individuals
> I made a joke to someone at VCF who had built a similar device to the 
> wifi232 that he should make it do AppleTalk to some sort of massive 
> AppleTalk Cloud server that connects tons of people together for file 
> sharing. Kind of like a BBS? Not sure how AppleTalk permissions work 
> though.
> Printer emulation even! Could print to pdf.

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