[vcf-midatlantic] Hello!

Thomas Fuchs thomas at slash7.com
Sat May 26 12:35:35 EDT 2018

(I had digest mode on, so I couldn’t answer to the replies directly.)

I collect most 80s 8bit/16bit stuff (mostly things I remember from growing up in the 80s, or more likely things I wanted but couldn’t get!).

I’m a recent immigrant from Austria (moved to the US in 2012) so it’s super interesting to see all the machines here that never made it to Europe and then see machines that I think of as a dime a dozen and they’re “exotic” here. :)

I hope to expand my collection, right now working on an attic renovation to get some more space. I like to have all computers in running order, so I can mess around. There’s a professional interest for me as well, as I’m running a (business) software business and there’s a lot to learn about user interfaces and approaches from early machines, when people still seriously researched human-computer interaction. In recent years it seems that this field has fallen through the cracks.

My favorite at VCF East was the demonstration of the Apple Lisa user interface, which is so particular but also so far ahead of its time (wake from sleep, document centric etc.). Thanks again for demonstrating and answering our questions!

Oh, I’ve heard of VCF simply via googling for conventions in my area (I live in Bucks County, PA). 

Thomas F.

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