[vcf-midatlantic] IBM compatible joystick needed

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon May 28 19:49:26 EDT 2018

>> If you can't source a sound card, I have a 2 port game card you can have.
> That's really the way to go, for a Compaq III.  Find any old IDE soundcard
> and the associated DOS drivers. The old IBM game adapter is for the IBM PC,
> no point in doing that when there is a much easier and cheaper option.
> Search Ebay or craigslist for things like
> Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 Bit ISA Sound Card

Just got off the phone with Jason P. -- he's got a NIB two-port game 
card to donate -- I agree that it would be even better to have a combo 
sound/game card. Next time I'm door there, I'll find out what if any 
cards are already in the computer + what we might have in other systems 
in the warehouse. Bottom line, now I have a project for the next 
workshop :) and I'm feeling optimistic about getting the computer 
configured exactly as we need it.

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