[vcf-midatlantic] Surplus computers @ Festivus

Christian Liendo cliendo at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 10:17:53 EDT 2018

On the 5th anniversary of festivus, Evan gave to me

Thirteen TI-99/4A computers
Nine Epson QX-10s
Six Tandy CoCos
Four Epson monitors
Two TI Boxes
And a lonely Mac SE!!!!!!!

On 11/1/18, Kelly Leavitt via vcf-midatlantic
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> I want to thank Evan for the opportunity to help out a little in the
> warehouse. The amount of resources we have is amazing, but more work is
> needed.
> I was fortunate enough to have some extra vacation days to burn and be able
> to help.
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> Kelly and I spent about 5 hours working in the warehouse again today.
> We finished sorting/organizing the Tandy section (reduced from four
> overflowing shelving units to less than 3) and also the TI section
> (reduced from 1 overflowing unit to less than 1. We also moved all the
> surplus items including lots of Tandy/TI/Epson from a pallet onto a
> shelving unit, so that it's easier to move around between now and
> Festivus-time. (Another benefit is shelving units use less floor space
> than pallets, which means more room for THE BIG COMPUTER arriving next
> week.)
> Here's a picture of the surplus unit: https://tinyurl.com/ybjmalfp.
> [https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/fjQiT1SCc_MGYcc2xw2cYC4Z6-4twNhdeuf6aJta2Cp5KAL_Q0hSdQCk_Bo=w1200-h630-p]<https://tinyurl.com/ybjmalfp>
> surplus.jpg<https://tinyurl.com/ybjmalfp>
> tinyurl.com
> What's for sale at Festivus:
> - Six Tandy Color Computers (various models)
> - Thirteen TI-99/4A computers (some white, some black/silver)
> - Two TI Peripheral Expansion Boxes
> - Nine Epson QX-10/QX-16 (I forget the exact breakdown)
> - Four Epson monitors and possible one more
> - One lonely Mac SE
> FESTIVUS -- we don't want people tearing into stuff at a social event.
> Donation amounts for this surplus hardware will be very low, but it's a
> gamble how they look/work on the inside. Honor system: please don't buy
> these just to flip them.
> Kelly not included...

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