[vcf-midatlantic] Supercomputer incoming! Wednesday ultra-early

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Tue Nov 6 20:01:33 EST 2018

Good day today!

I got here at 10am. Did a bunch of warehouse space-making. Bill I. helped
from noon to 5pm. More space-making! Steve A. came over to install more
ceiling lights right after Bill left. Very handy! We've needed more lights
in the warehouse for a long time. Steve left 10 minutes ago. Jeff B. is
coming by soon to clear more things.

Ian is coming soon too. He and I are both staying overnight for the early
delivery tomorrow. Bill I. will come back for that too, and Dan from the
shipwreck group will operate the forklift. We have two pallet jacks ready
(VCF's and one of IA's) plus full propane tanks if the forklift runs out.

It's been a super day so far :) and tomorrow we get our .... < drum roll
please > ... VAX 9440.

And: we got a second 9440 delivered to Bob Roswell, plus a 9200-series
delivered to Dave McGuire!

Nobody ever say VCF doesn't do anything for its friends. :)

On Mon, Nov 5, 2018, 2:52 PM Evan Koblentz <evan at vcfed.org wrote:

> Supercomputer arrived earlier than expected! Truck will be at the museum
> 7am sharp on Wednesday.
> They said it's 25 pallets. YIKES
> We made a lot of warehouse space but I'm going tomorrow and will clear
> as much extra space as possible. I will probably have to temporarily
> abandon some of our aisles and move racks together, making certain
> things inaccessible for a while.
> If anyone is available tomorrow afternoon/night or bright/early
> Wednesday, then let me know ASAP. Send me off-list replies only. (And
> for the love of cyber-gods, don't post about "I wish I could help but"
> or "I'll try to" .... firm commitments only please.)

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