[vcf-midatlantic] Workshop Sunday, stuff for trade + more people

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Thu Nov 8 10:09:43 EST 2018

Two friends of mine are also interested in the VCF workshop thing at 
system source. One might bring his Pet and another is going to ride along 
with me.

Some stuff I have that I don't need that could use a home, trade, 
whatever. Speak now if interested.

Things I guess I need:
1. S100 serial + rom monitor for IMSAI 8080
2. Newton 2100 power swich (plastic slider part)

Up for grabs:

Grabs to my VCF homies:
1. SCSI cables (Possibly 20+ different genders / types)
2. Serial cables  (20+)
3. Amiga 5.25" floppy
4. Two Atari 1050 floppies, non working, retrobrited, no accessories
5. Apple IIGS CPU box, non working

6. Cisco 6506 chassis, large, with VPN accel, 48 port gigabit copper 
board, 16 port gigabit board that uses transceivers, 4 x long rage fiber 
transceivers included, CPU board, etc.

7. RJ45 patch panels (2), cable management thingy, etc. -- Evan gets first 
dibs for museum.

For sale / trade:
7. Lot of Apple II software/hardware I have on craigslist, would discount 
for VCFers

If anyone needs SCSI hard drives, speak up!!!!!!!!! 80 pin, 68 pin, 50 pin 
oh my!

Same with SATA 1TB / 1.5TB

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