[vcf-midatlantic] Hello Introduction

Tom McNicholas tommcnicholas7 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 11:01:39 EST 2018

Evan suggested I post a hello and background  not sure of length or detail
is the norm,,  so here goes
Retired a few years ago  but still on the board of directors after a 45
year stint with a local electronics manufacturing company doing DOD work.
during the 45 years did everything from testing, QA, engineering and plant
manager  Prior to the 45 year stint was in the USAF working on VHF, UHF and
teaching then a couple of DOD manufacturing companies working on  SSB
transmitters, Radar, Sonar and microwave.,

During the 70,s  at work  used the Apple II and later the Mac during the
80,ss and at that time started using the commodore 64 and Radio Shack 100
at home latter moving to the 128  and then  building IBM  clones from parts
bought at computer shows. Now all I do is just buy them ,too many as per my
wife. .

Presently have a small collection of vintage computers around 25 which I am
sure is nothing compared to other members of the group. But  I am looking
forward to meeting others in the group who share my interest in vintage

My only other interests outside of family and grandchildren are short wave
radio and occasional riding on my Can Am trike.

Tom McNicholas
Wall NJ

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