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Tony Bogan thebogans at mac.com
Thu Nov 8 11:14:45 EST 2018

> On Nov 8, 2018, at 11:01 AM, Tom McNicholas via vcf-midatlantic <vcf-midatlantic at lists.vcfed.org> wrote:
> Evan suggested I post a hello and background  not sure of length or detail
> is the norm,,  so here goes
> Retired a few years ago  but still on the board of directors after a 45
> year stint with a local electronics manufacturing company doing DOD work.
> during the 45 years did everything from testing, QA, engineering and plant
> manager  Prior to the 45 year stint was in the USAF working on VHF, UHF and
> teaching then a couple of DOD manufacturing companies working on  SSB
> transmitters, Radar, Sonar and microwave.,
> During the 70,s  at work  used the Apple II and later the Mac during the
> 80,ss and at that time started using the commodore 64 and Radio Shack 100
> at home latter moving to the 128  and then  building IBM  clones from parts
> bought at computer shows. Now all I do is just buy them ,too many as per my
> wife. .
> Presently have a small collection of vintage computers around 25 which I am
> sure is nothing compared to other members of the group. But  I am looking
> forward to meeting others in the group who share my interest in vintage
> computers.
> My only other interests outside of family and grandchildren are short wave
> radio and occasional riding on my Can Am trike.
> Regards
> Tom McNicholas
> Wall NJ

Welcome Tom! I’m right down the road in Bricktown. Knowing your background with VHF and SSB I may need to call on you to help when we have a problem with those installed on our fishing boats!! (I wouldn’t do that, retirement should be enjoyed!)

It’s nice to see another enthusiast in the general area (and even closer than I am to the museum!) 

My main interest is Apple IIs through the early compact Macs/Mac II machines so any questions, items you’re looking for or help with machines don’t hesitate to ask!

Tony Bogan

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