[vcf-midatlantic] Bill Godbout

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon Nov 12 18:54:59 EST 2018

> Rumors circulating that Bill was caught up in the Northern CA fires and may
> have been injured or lost his life.
> Maybe if we run a few electrons through some of his cards and computers
> we'll generate some positive vibes his way.  I bet many of you here like me
> have and use his RAM cards or have a CompuPro system.
> Bill

I posted this in response to the cctalk thread just now:


I communicated with the person who posted on alt.folklore.computers. The 
person is a close relative of Bill's; thus, the information about his 
tragic passing is true/confirmed.

The person added, "He was living in Oreville, California and perished in 
his home on Thursday, Nov. 8. ... Bill was a great man, and THE smartest 
person I've ever known."

Please do not disturb the AFC poster as they're in mourning.

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