Workshop Report, System Source, Hunt Valley, MD, Sun Nov 11th

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Tue Nov 13 13:16:33 EST 2018

I figured I would fill us all in on how it went on Sun:
Due to family responsibilities, I got there about 1pm.  Johathan Sturges pulled into the lot the same time as I did and we commented on "timing is everything".
A good crowd.  The usual suspects were there.
Bill DegnanBill DromgooleDuane CrapsAlex JacocksDave Gesswein
Along with a bunch I did not know because of residential distance and being a semi-newbee to the group, however we were all friends at that point working on our hobby.
Bill D handed me an Epson dot matrix printer that I plan to use for the "soda can crusher" project I am working on for East.ON that note, I started resurrecting an IBM 5170 '286 for the processor to control the testing machine.  I got the machine taken out of it's stock chassis, and mounted it in it's new all Plexiglas ATX case, to display the early days of the 286 and technicals.   It booted to BASIC the first shot! Yeah!
Boy did I forget a lot since the days of fooling with this stuff on a daily basis.
Jonathan S found a link to the SETUP program to talk to the BIOS of the above referenced machine.  So that will help a bunch.
Duane Craps was showing me the backplane of the UNIVAC 1218 and how intricate the snap in pins were used for the interconnects.   I remembered using such connectors on MUX chassis when I worked at EAI in the early 1980's.
Dave G was working on some PDP model.
Jonathan was working on a Tandy 100 (I believe, don't quote me on that).
Alex J can fill us in on what he was doing, and what some of the other members were working on.
Lastly, Bob Roswell gave the interested a tour of his museum.  What a class act!  He has already positioned some of the racks of his VAX 9000 in the museum.
At the end of the day, a bunch of us went to a local pizza joint for dinner to wrap up the festivities.
Many Thanks go out to Alex J for organizing the event.
Greater Many Thanks go out to Bob Roswell for hosting us in his fantastic museum setting.

Thank you to all who attended.   It was great fun.

Bill Inderrieden

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