[vcf-midatlantic] www locks out older browsers

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Wed Nov 14 21:31:00 EST 2018

> Bill Degnan billdegnan at gmail.com 
> Mon Nov 12 12:31:44 EST 2018
> I have been meaning to set up a simple proxy for older machines that don't
> use SSL at all, or SSH.  Just have not gotten around to it.  Not too
> complicated I don't think but I have not done it yet so I can't say with
> 100% certainty until I do.  When I do I will make the service available
> somehow.
> Bill

"Older machines" apparently includes Windows XP. I had the same problem, 
last time I ran a few recently-older systems with XP on them. I gave up 
at that point, figured it was some kind of XP limitation. I know from 
nothings about networking protocols. But this matters a bit, there's 
still commercial stuff (point of sale, business systems, embedded stuff) 
still running XP or Win2K, etc.

Bill, my bet is any proxy you'd come up with, would run on a Rasp Pi. 
just a convenient platform. Even those have a serial port, for some 
really ancient system (say Win 3.1/WFW). If you come up with something, 
put the word out.


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