[vcf-midatlantic] Godbout Static (RAM) But Not Lost

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Thu Nov 15 22:10:48 EST 2018

My recent post about Bill Godbout's passing, somewhat conflated two men; 
of course, Bill Godbout of Compupro/Viasyn/Godbout Computers. And, a man 
he worked with on the IEEE-696 specification, George Morrow who also 
produced S-100 boards as Morrow; George passed in 2003.

It's hard for me to think about one person, without thinking about the 
other. They and others worked in the Oakland CA area, built early 
microcomputers, shared parts and customers and companies. Their S-100 
products were of similar good quality and comparable in kind. Bill 
Godbout had other accomplishments of course. I'm sorry if anyone was 
disappointed in my effort to honor Bill Godbout while remembering both.

However, the general tenor of my remarks is the same, and no apologies 
needed for why such persons and companies are to be remembered.

I'm working on a better version of these remarks on my Web site, as part 
of my coverage of Morrow, Compupro and other S-100 companies of the era. 
A Web search for those will find the document. At this time, it's more 
important to consider the loss of Bill Godbout.

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