[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sun Nov 18 21:06:35 EST 2018

We had a nice group of visitors today from a Pennsylvania museum of 
industry. They took a thorough tour and stayed for a while. Bill I. 
escorted them around the campus.

Adam and Tony both did warehouse projects. I helped before/after museum 

Today's assorted warehouse accomplishments:

- Cleared a whole shelving unit from the Commodore aisle. During the 
past few months, that aisle got condensed from 10 units down to 7 units 
by meticulously assessing what we do/don't need.

- Added several Amiga computers to the surplus category.

- Remember I posted a while ago about the AT&T "Counterpoint" 
never-released Unix workstations? They'd been living in various places 
of the unsorted area. Now they have their very own shelving unit in the 
sorted area.

- Figured out a way to make room for a whole extra aisle in the sorted 
side! It'll be mostly for DEC, Epson, HP, and Heathkit.

- Sorted some books and software.

- There's a Mac SE in the surplus area. We happened to have a spare Mac 
SE original box. We made them into an item.

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