Curious about production environment

Evan Koblentz evan at
Tue Nov 20 12:12:06 EST 2018

>     I'm back after a while away.  I was reading the VCF site and saw the stuff about the production environment (the rack with modern computing equipment which I assume is hosting the website, etc.).  I'm curious about this.  Was it discussed on-list, or anywhere else publicly accessible? I'd like to read about it. I tried searching the archive but didn't see it.

Welcome back. is professionally hosted.

Currently, the internal IT in our museum consists of the following:

- The server in our museum rack (1u Supermicro running Linux) mainly 
hosts content for information kiosks. We anticipate it also hosting 
audio/video, etc. at a later date.

- A second server in there, which started life as a small PC, is for 
hosting a dial-in BBS one day. It runs bare-metal DOS on a CF card 
configured as an SSD.

- The rack also has a Minuteman UPS, two Cisco switches, and a patch 
panel. One of these days we'll get around to finishing all the cabling.

- In addition there's a standalone KVM and an APC/Schneider console.

- We installed a Cisco AP (PoE) on the ceiling.

- Office-task PC dual boots into Windows 7 and Linux (the default).

- LTE modem for Internet access.

- To be installed: four PoE security cameras.

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