[vcf-midatlantic] Kids / guests @ Festivus

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Tue Nov 20 16:41:21 EST 2018


A few people inquired privately about guests/kids at Festivus, so we 
(Jeff B. and I) decided to send a list-wide message with the answer.

Bring anyone who fits in: your kids, spouse, significant other, and 
retro/tech-minded friends. (Keep in mind that everyone will be charged 
the same $10/person event fee. I pay it too.)

Also PLEASE put everyone's name on the sign-up form at least a few days 
ahead of time. Please don't surprise us with three extra people, even if 
they're people we already know:


With kids, use your judgment, ex.: kids who need supervising probably 
should not be there late Saturday night when we are all drinking and such.

It's cool to bring your good friend who works in an IT department (etc.) 
or anyone who is into vintage computers. We don't recommend bringing 
people who do not share such interests.

Thanks for understanding. Direct any questions to Jeff B. or yours truly.

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