[vcf-midatlantic] Sales/giveaways at Festivus

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Tue Nov 20 16:48:12 EST 2018


Several people asked Jeff B. and I about the policy for selling/giving 
away stuff at Festivus.

It's pretty simple.

- Make sure you ask/tell Jeff B. ahead of time. We will endeavor to have 
as many tables as possible, but it's not fair if you show up with a 
carload of stuff and complain about lack of space. :)

- Unlike at VCF East, the "on topic" rules at Festivus is VERY loose. 
Bring whatever you want if it's cool and/or nerdy.

- One strict rule: come get any items of yours that aren't taken by 
Sunday afternoon. VCF and InfoAge do NOT want your crap :) nor do we 
want to be responsible for throwing it away.

Thanks for understanding.

- Your friendly Festivus management

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