[vcf-midatlantic] OT: Modern keyboard question

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Wed Nov 21 17:30:24 EST 2018

 >> I'm thinking about getting a new keyboard for my modern PC.
 > >> I want to use squishy keycaps such as these:
 > >> https://www.massdrop.com/buy/silica-gel-keycap-set
 > >> It says they're Cherry MX compatible.
 > >>

Oddly enough, I know something about this subject. Turns out a lot of 
old keyboards used now-prized keyswitches from ALPS. People buy old 
Apple or SGI keyboards for the feel of the keyswitches, and strip them 
out to make USB keyboards. For touch typists and certain personality 
types - or for gamers who want quick and sure action - these things 
matter. I sell keyswitches, all the time.

But I bought a couple of used Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboards, for 
modern use. I'm using one now, 2014 year. Depending on year, they either 
use Cherry keyswitches (various flavors) or a Chinese knockoff. Some 
models are backlit, some in variable colors. Razer is/was a big name in 
gaming keyboards; there's copies of their keyboards too, they even copy 

Now keycaps, that's another matter. There's interest in those too. Evan, 
  you might have to get keycaps separate from the keyboard, I dunno 
about that gel-cap stuff. Seems to be a thing. I can't "log in" into 
"massdrop", I guess their "not-kewl detector" figured out I was over 60 
and blocked me.

So Mark Whittington's response seems plausible to me. Reading the razer 
Web site may be informative, or sites that describe their variations. I 
contribute content over at:


They work hard on this stuff. - Herb "click-clack" Johnson

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