[vcf-midatlantic] FS: Lots of Various Vintage Computing Goodies @ Festivus

Todd George todd.george at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 19:10:23 EST 2018

Hi all,

Trying to thin the herd a bit, here's a quick and dirty list of things I'm
willing to part-with. Delivery to Festivus or other local (Eastern PA)
location, cash or trade only. Let me know if any of it interests you and we
can talk details. I have listed information I have on each unit, depending
if I've spent any effort on them. Your interest in an item will motivate me
to get pictures or whatnot. Contact me *off-list*, I rarely check the list
itself due to lack of time.

Apple Stuff
- Apple //c with monochrome Monitor //c and stand
- Apple ImageWriter II (Not working, bad limit switch on carriage)
- Macintosh Compacts/Toasters (tons available, let me know your interests)
- Apple Color Stylewriter 2500 in-box
- Blue iMac G3 (All-in-one) - Needs HDD
- Mac iBook G4 (white) - Not working, for parts
- Various iMac G4 units ("Flower Pot")
- Newer iMac Units (LCD-Based), likely Intel Processors

Commodore Stuff
- C64 Units
- 1541 Floppy Drives
- Cassette Tape Drives

Tandy/Radio Shack Stuff
- TRS-80 Model III (? I think) - Not working, fires up to improper display,
barely tested
- TRS-80 Model 4P without "lid", complete otherwise
- Tandy CoCo 2 (a few available), also have a ton of accessories, software,
manuals, books, disk drives, etc.

Miscellaneous Stuff
- Atari 800XL - Bad memory, worked 100%, failed while in operation
- Atari 2600 Game Console
- Intellivision Game Console
- Colecovision Game Console
- Epson QX-10 - No keyboard, no monitor, truly untested
- SGI Personal Iris - No side panel
- Panasonic Senior Partner
- Panasonic Executive Partner
- KayPro II - Working last tested, one floppy is bad
- KayPro 2X
- NEC PC-8001A with 2 I/O Expansion Boxes and 1 dual floppy
- Tons (maybe literally?) of DOS/Windows Laptops of various vintages
- CRT Monitors (Mostly VGA, 17" and up, most not working, also have older
- LCD Televisions/Monitors (Mostly 15-ish", have composite, possibly
SVideo, and other inputs)
- Parts and software for a lot of the above (and beyond), send me a note if
there's something you are looking for

I personally hate "make offer" posts myself, so this isn't one. You'll note
there are no prices above because I haven't really gone through any of
these items yet, let me know your interest, I'll send you pictures and
details and we can go from there including me quoting an asking price.
Pricing will be fair as I want to move inventory, and will also be
considering trades for things I'm more interested in. As mentioned above,
this isn't "make offer" as much as it is "motivate me to get you details on

Things I'm looking for in-trade
- Sun CRT Monitor with 13W3 Connector
- Next Monitor (No idea exactly WHAT I really need here, I have a
NextStation I want to use it with)
- Apple Lisa 2 (I don't need a keyboard, doesn't have to be working)
- Apple Profile Drive (Need not be working)
- Toshiba Libretto Stuff (Specifically the PCMCIA Floppy)
- HP 200LX (Or similar in that series) Parts
- Vintage Laptops of all varieties
- Commodore Stuff (Especially diagnostic tools, aside from the standard
dead-test carts and whatnot)

Thanks for looking, see you at the airing of grievances.

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