[vcf-midatlantic] Intro

dillera at gmail.com dillera at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 18:19:53 EST 2018

Hello- I've been asked for an intro, so here we are. I live in Philly and work for a very large local MSO in the city. I run a medium sized engineering team and we handle large scale messaging (SMS and Email) for the MSO. I've been to a number of VCF East Festivals and have loved them (the Ted Nelson festival and the recent Apollo 11). I have been aware of the forums and site for many years, but just decided to join the list. Like many here I have a decent collection of computers - enough that I have to pay for a storage at a local provider (climate controlled of course, I'm not a monster...).

I've been lately interested in 1990s era workstations and have been working on refining my collection. I both love and hate eBay. My collection ranges from Cannon Cats to Atari 800XLs to SGI Indigos and much in-between. 

Looking forward to meeting some of you as time and life permits, meanwhile we can do it virtually.

-andy diller

PS - To give you a better idea, here is my basement space with my 'in-progress' work right here as I type this:

Currently working on: netbooting my SGI and Ultra10, setting up an open-source asset-management app with tags so I can track things better (that's the hand-held scanner there in front of the Sun) and installing Netatalk service on a linux machine to host a AppleTalk/Ethertalk file server for some older Mac's I'm trying to get back in shape...

I have a personal blog at http://dillernet.com/apple where I've posted things over the years.


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