[vcf-midatlantic] Intro

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Tue Nov 27 18:30:01 EST 2018

> Hello- I've been asked for an intro, so here we are. I live in Philly and work for a very large local MSO in the city. I run a medium sized engineering team and we handle large scale messaging (SMS and Email) for the MSO. I've been to a number of VCF East Festivals and have loved them (the Ted Nelson festival and the recent Apollo 11). I have been aware of the forums and site for many years, but just decided to join the list. Like many here I have a decent collection of computers - enough that I have to pay for a storage at a local provider (climate controlled of course, I'm not a monster...).
> I've been lately interested in 1990s era workstations and have been working on refining my collection. I both love and hate eBay. My collection ranges from Cannon Cats to Atari 800XLs to SGI Indigos and much in-between.
> Looking forward to meeting some of you as time and life permits, meanwhile we can do it virtually.
> -andy diller
> PS - To give you a better idea, here is my basement space with my 'in-progress' work right here as I type this:
> Currently working on: netbooting my SGI and Ultra10, setting up an open-source asset-management app with tags so I can track things better (that's the hand-held scanner there in front of the Sun) and installing Netatalk service on a linux machine to host a AppleTalk/Ethertalk file server for some older Mac's I'm trying to get back in shape...
> I have a personal blog at http://dillernet.com/apple where I've posted things over the years.

Good intro! Welcome, again.

We're having a "Vintage Computer Festivus" holiday party this weekend at 
the museum. It starts around 10am Saturday and ends when the last nerd 
drops Sunday afternoon. Many of us are staying overnight. Interested?

 >> My collection ranges from Cannon Cats

Oooooh. We don't have one of those in the museum collection. Just saying. :)

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