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> I dunno, Dave. Some pretty damn big companies like Netflix, AirBNB,
> Atlassian,  et. al., all seem to think its the right thing to use someone
> toothbrush. Fact is, thousands of companies use AWS. Almost 100% of start
> ups, my own included, with tens of millions of investment  use cloud
> (aws and azure - another toothbrush, not our own)  all seem to think it is
> better idea to use someone else's toothbrush rather than using their own.
> As a CTO myself with 39 years in IT, if I were to go on a job interview
> insist that purchasing, depreciating, maintaining and staffing my own data
> center (24x7) was a better idea than using a cloud infrastructure (because
> that would be stupid), I don't think that would be a winning interview 9
> out of 10.
> I dunno. Hard to swim against the tide on this one but YMMV.
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> On 11/29/18 9:42 PM, Andrew Diller wrote:
> >>>> Like a "cloud" server, for example.
> >>>
> >>> I know it's your favorite pasttime to make fun of that idea,
> >>
> >>  Yes, because it's stupid.  (sorry, no offense intended!)
> >
> > https://www.ceos3c.com/cloud/how-to-install-snipeit-on-ubuntu-16-04-
> on
> > -aws-free-tier/
> >
> > AWS is not going anywhere- case in point, a huge portion of the
> I work for services are now run on AWS.
>   Same here.  Don't make the mistake of assuming my opinion is based on a
> lack of experience with AWS.
> > I believe AWS is a perfectly acceptable choice for hosting something
> > like this, esp in their free tier :)
>   What "these kids today" don't seem to get is that it's "someone else's
> computer".  In my world, that's about as reasonable as using someone
> toothbrush.  I've had to mop up the remains of too many companies who
> depended on outside services like that.  Amazon or not, I won't trust
> End of story.
>   Ror this organization, it's not my decision to make; I can only offer
> based on my professional experience.  I lead horses to water...If they
> drink, I'm here to help if it blows up.
>              -Dave
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