[vcf-midatlantic] Snipe-It

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Fri Nov 30 13:29:20 EST 2018

On 11/30/18 1:21 AM, Laura S. Reinhard wrote:
> While I am beginning to doubt my “belonging” in this group, primarily
> because my experience in IT has been limited to individual artists and
> their Macs and developing databases for them in FileMaker to keep up
> mailing lists (when people used to use mail).
> I often sound like I know less than I do, because I am more interested
> in big pictures than technical terminology (which is why Apple Store
> hired me... my ability to “plain speak” technology. However many true
> tech folk think I am an idiot when they first talk to me about it.
> Why say all of this? Two reasons. First, I didn’t formally introduce
> myself to this list and since I will be at Festivus am worried that
> “they’re all gonna laugh at me”.

  Yeah I realllllllly don't think you have to worry about that sort of
thing in this crowd.

> Second, I replied to this particular
> post because of my complete distrust in cloud storage. There is no way
> to even pretend they can be “safe”. Ever since I bought my 2010 iMac and
> had no disc to boot from and had to rely on everything being web-based,
> I have had nothing but horrible experiences, primarily because of my
> early Mac user ignorance about viruses and malware. I realize that was
> not the clouds fault, but the concept of “everything wireless” is
> mind-boggling naive and this post seems to agree? Also, confirmed my
> thought that this shift to such insecure methods of data
> management/storage is because young “bros” are in charge lol.

  Agreed 100%.  A lot of it is "user beware", just like doing backups
and such...part of the problem with "the cloud" is the near-universal
perception that anything...data, services, etc....placed there is
automatically safe, in every way, so people don't have to take
precautions.  "I just lost all of my baby pictures!!!" is all too common
an occurrence anymore.

> Hope this meandering response made sense and doesn’t serve to make me
> appear even less tech nerdy to you all. Hopefully Festivus won’t be like
> a middle school dance I have to call my mom from haha!

  Once again, I don't think you have anything to worry about.  It is a
great crowd...even Evan. ;)  And Festivus is always a great get-together.


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
New Kensington, PA

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