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Bill Loguidice bill at armchairarcade.com
Fri Nov 30 14:03:45 EST 2018

I have this friendly argument on a regular basis, though mostly with people
in vintage computing/gaming who have more "hardcore" ways of doing things.
I know for me, cloud-based services like Dropbox, Evernote, etc., have made
my computing life better, more productive, and safer than it ever was in
any form in the decades prior. The beauty part with these services is that
you have both local- and network-based copies of every file, which means
not only do I have access to my stuff in the cloud, but also on every
computing device I own. I make one change on one of my computers, the local
copy is backed up to the cloud, then it's replicated on any other computer
that I have that happens to be on or logged in (at that time or in the
future). That also gives me multiple copies of my files I can revert back
to, so I have a full revision history should I ever need it. All that,
without me doing anything other than working like normal. That to me is the
best of all worlds.

This way of doing things came in particularly handy within only the past
six months, when three of our new household computers went down (requiring
in one case an exchange, and in the other two other cases multiple services
with HP and Alienware/Dell, respectively). Both my wife and I work from
home with our own editorial businesses, so being without our files/access
to our stuff is not an option. When one of our computers go down, it's
trivial to pick up right where we left on another computer. So yeah, I have
nothing bad to say about cloud services.

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> I don't have a fraction of the IT experience that most of you do. I don't
> pretend otherwise.
> However, as a tech journalist, I've been covering enterprise IT for 20
> years. I interview dozens of major corporate CIOs every year.
> Pretty much ALL medium/large corporations -- the Fortune 1,000 -- spend
> thousands or even millions of dollars annually on cloud services/storage.
> There are many reasons why they do it. None of those reasons include,
> "Because they're stupid."
> I chuckle a little when I read comments from people who think they know
> better than all the massive international conglomerates whose budgets fuel
> the many-billion-dollar cloud computing industry.
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