[vcf-midatlantic] Snipe-It

Eric Rangell erangell at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 14:22:17 EST 2018

Hi all,
I didn't expect such a big response to my note, but it's great to see so
many people interested in finding the right solution for VCF.

The main issue is that we are trying to squeeze a 6 level classification
hierarchy into a special-purpose inventory package.  The asset modeling in
Snipe-It gets us part of the way there.  The user interface needs dynamic
logic to populate subcategories based on previous selections, which
requires custom coding (likely Javascript with XHR calls).  We want people
to be able to walk around the warehouse with an iPad or phone and quickly
search and maintain the data.  So if the out-of-the-box package doesn't
meet VCF requirements, a hosted SaaS solution will not work.

Specialized software for museums is available but costly, and would still
require adapting to some predefined data model.  The Living Computer Museum
in Seattle has been through this process.  We looked at online database
solutions like Knack and Caspio but they were either too complex,
non-intuitive, or the costs did not justify the value they provided.

If we customize any package we will need a support team committed to an
on-call rotation, as well as a regimen for backups, offsite storage, and
periodic tests of disaster recovery.  This may not be possible with
volunteer staff.

In terms of hosting the solution, Docker allows us to simplify rollout on
any platform, from a Raspberry Pi to an on-prem server to the cloud, so
that is a business decision.  Docker containerizes the application with the
host operating system so configuration is minimized.

If anyone wants to collaborate with me on the R&D of the solution, please
contact me off-list at erangell at gmail.com and I will walk you through what
we have so far.
Thanks, Eric

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