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On Nov 30, 2018, at 2:23 PM, Ethan O'Toole via vcf-midatlantic <vcf-midatlantic at lists.vcfed.org> wrote:

>> No. Dude ... do you understand how big cloud computing is? Gartner found
>> that it was a $260 BILLION industry in 2017.

Yep. One third the valuation of a single large corporation. One. Not two or three or a hundred. One. And barely more than the revenue generated by a single large corporation. It’s big, but in reality it’s not when a single company earns more than the INDUSTRY spends. Big for a given expenditure, but not big like the big boys yet. I find it’s rapid growth more impressive than its actual size to date.

I don’t pretend to know better. I also don’t research what other people do and decisions that other people make about topics and things of which I know little to nothing personally and decide I know better. I’m not saying you do, but I’ve dealt first hand with reporters and researchers in both maritime and fisheries management issues that I’ve been actually doing for over 30 years yet they felt competent to debate the topics with myself and others far more knowledgeable than I (that list is HUGE!) because they had “done the research.”

They found out quickly to the contrary.
Since I’ve come to know you, I don’t put you in that category, but the comment was made so I am merely addressing it from first hand experience in a different industry.

Hence the reason I know I don’t know what I never thought I knew!

And the analogy is closer than you think. I’ve had plenty of “experts in the field” who had done the legwork and reading and study and even internships. Spent years doing it on the level just below actually doing it.

And had I not taken the wheel and fixed their rookie mistakes that many unschooled people wouldn’t make we would have been injured or dead.

Simplest answer is there’s often more than one “right answer” depending on the circumstances and there’s often only one right answer, depending on the circumstances!

The “doctor on tv” remark was cleary a joke, and labeled as such by the way. You left that door open so I jumped through!  :-)

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