[vcf-midatlantic] OT: modern cloud services

m simons msimonsmail at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 30 14:46:43 EST 2018

 Ditto, about all of the stuff about not knowing as much as everybody on all the different issues related to cloud computing and why one IT department or C-level executive may make one decision over another.   

I think there are a few things we can probably agree on: 

1) "cloud computing" is a silly buzzword for saying "their computing (server) environment and equipment" as an alternative to. "your computing (server) environment and equipment". 

(I personally think silly buzzwords like this enforce magical thinking and a lack of understanding.) 

2) There are pros and cons for both maintaining in-house servers, as well as using online cloud services.  Probably some combination of both is ideal for many organizations. 

3) hosting all our data elsewhere gives many of us pause for many reasons. 

That being said, I've got a server rack and a large stack of older servers burning a hole in my pocket looking for something good to do with them. 

Any suggestions?  Any interest? 




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