[vcf-midatlantic] OT: modern cloud services

Laura S. Reinhard laurakid7 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 30 16:34:35 EST 2018

Yikes. I am really sorry I got involved in this discussion. I do see benefits to the technology and admittedly used it to my advantage to telecommute in the mid 00’s via iDisc. I worked for Apple Store at the time and was given .mac for free and it was included. Then they got rid of it for cloud and in true ADD style I forgot when date to shift data was and lost a lot of stuff. I hadn’t considered how “not mine” that space really was.

Honestly I am just very skittish after some really bad kernel level malware disrupted my life and has essentially halted my development technologically speaking. Basically, I don’t trust anyone. I know I need to adapt but don’t want to jump into any boat as blindly as I did before.

I am not a programmer or expert. I am a user primarily and have spent time educating myself primarily since graduating school in 1998 with a now antique/ non-existent degree in photography.

One of my primary attractions to this group is to learn. I may be opinionated and say things with conviction, but if I am proved wrong I will concede without incident. Seems this topic has become kind of a flame war. That helps no one imho.
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