[vcf-midatlantic] Kind of OT: RS-485 to DMX-512

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Fri Nov 30 19:38:58 EST 2018

> Lighting packs are Strand CD-80 with the aftermarket Johnson Systems  DPC-24 
> control modules, so yes, it's definitely DMX-512

Ah okay! I thought that was pretty early for DMX-512. I remember I had 
some Intellabeam fixtures and they were said to "mostly work with 
DMX-512." I used it with a LPT dongle someone made using a PIC and it 
worked, then got the Entec. I've had the Entec for some 10+ years and it's 
had the crap kicked out of it at events and held up well. No regrets, 
though the Entec Pro has a bit more support (the laser show software I 
use, Pangolin Beyond, I think only supports the Entec Pro -- but I don't 
use it for DMX so not an issue for me.)

The cheap dongle is these:

They're everywhere. You have to wire it out.

Also, note that "real" interfaces like the Entecs usually have a 5 pin XLR 
connector that is real DMX standard versus the 3 pin mic style that is 
usually used (at this point Cat5 RJ45 would be much better.)

On the vintage tip -- I have a Status Cue console from High End Systems 
and am looking for the ISA card that goes in the PC that goes with it. The 
software is freely downloadable, I have a luggable Pentium 1 but can't 
find the ISA card anywhere.

 			- Ethan

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