[vcf-midatlantic] Whiz Kids

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Sun Oct 7 12:06:31 EDT 2018

> So I picked up a DVD collection of the TV show Whiz Kids. It's not a good
> copy. Actually it's a terrible copy. but if you guys want me to bring it to
> festivus let me know

Great show!

For YEARS I had wanted ads looking for that show. At some point one of the 
producer's daughters contacted me looking for a copy as well. I think CBS 
holds the original rights if I remember it right. I found that ?Max? guy 
who helped make it and emailed him with no response. I wish we could find 
a copy on 3/4" or something.

Anyways after eons some random guy emails me that he has it. Can I buy a 
copy? No he says. He will only trade it. Trade it for 30 $1 VHS movies 
from Overstock.com. Sends me this list, all of them I had never heard of. 
6 were dupes.

This was in the late age of VHS.

I expected to receive the copy on an overdubbed no name VHS movie but 

Anyways, I think that same person is where all of the whiz kids copies in 
existance have come from.

He liked the girl on the show, and was fortunate enough to have a VCR in 
that era?

I want to say one episode was cut short from his copy.

I tell everyone about the show, and how it was so far ahead of it's time 
in the technology exploits used. Like 20 years ahead. Totally amazing.

(Just looked at Wikipedia)

Woah, so the DVD you have is and official release from France?

 			- Ethan

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