[vcf-midatlantic] Looking for Tandy 2000 disk and keyboard

Richard Cini rich.cini at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 08:49:52 EDT 2018

All –

      A friend of mine is trying to restore his Tandy 2000 system, so I
sent him a bunch of floppy images in IMD format, but it seems that one of
them is corrupted. Specifically, I’m looking for the Videotex Plus disk

     I also just realized that Bitsavers doesn’t have a Tandy/RS section so
at least I want to collect my disk images and upload them there. If anyone
has any other disks, please send them to me so I can upload them

     As a side note, he gave me one of his spare 2000HD systems but it has
no keyboard. I don’t suppose anyone has a spare they would/could part with?
If so, just let me know.

As always, thanks!



Rich Cini



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