Museum report 10/14

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Sun Oct 14 20:32:16 EDT 2018

Got to the museum around 1:30 today. A large group was scheduled to arrive at Infoage at 3, so I figured I’d get up there as early as I could and have the museum open for other visitors as well. The plan was to split the 40-50 visitors into four groups who would then rotate through the museums every half hour.

Needless to say that never quite happened! The group members arrived piecemeal, some never came, and a large group or two were put together and never left the main building.

Myself and Dan next door in the Military Vehicle Museum had one visitor from the group walk down to us. He was a very interested Computer Engineer who spent a solid 30+ minutes in the museum with me. He was extremely interested throughout the tour and was glad he left the group and came down the road!

I directed several people earlier in the day to the vehicle museum and other areas of Infoage, none of which wished to come see the VCF museum. I even tried to lure them in with promises of Model Railroads and Wireless Operators displays, but to no avail.

Suffice to say I was pleased my single visitor for the day was a very good one!

I’m also pleased to say it’s so much fun being able to see more and more of the machines up and running for visitors. All the major micros on the first shelf are running (Apple II, trs 80, PET, 5150, Lisa, Mac, C64, AT&T Unix PC, NeXT Cube, Etc) plus the HP in the mini section as well as the Univac (Bill D, we need to find out why the diagnostic you showed us how to run gives a program fault now)

Can’t wait to see even more machines running in the future!!!


P.S.  Corey/Evan I need to do some work on the Apple II keyboard, it’s getting a bit temperamental.

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